Discovery & Jeep Collect Fan Preferences With Zero-Party Data Centric Sweepstakes

Jessica Williams Broadcast Media

With the launch of Serengeti, a new series from Discovery highlighting the majestic animals of the African Serengeti, Discovery has teamed up with The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee to launch an engaging sweepstakes, giving fans the chance to win $20K towards their own Serengeti adventure.

* Live campaign available to view for US residents only

Campaign Objectives:

  • Promote the launch of Serengeti, Discovery’s brand new series
  • Learn audience preferences for personalized retargeting
  • Capture large quantities of zero-party data and subscriptions for campaign partner; Jeep

Sweepstakes Solution

With the anticipation and excitement building for the launch of Discovery’s all-new six-part series; Serengeti, Discovery is driving engagement amongst fans with a data-centric sweepstakes. To incentivize participation, Discovery is giving those who enter the chance to win a life-changing $20k to put towards their very own Serengeti adventure.

Promoted through a dedicated landing page hosted on Discovery’s website, participants can click through to the sweepstakes and submit their email address to begin their submission. To continue with their entry, fans must complete the second stage of the form by submitting a small amount of PII data, including their name, address, phone number, gender, date of birth and cable provider.

Integrating Progressive Data Capture

Your customers’ interests, preferences, motivations and desires change and evolve other time. With zero-party data, audience building and profiling never stops, it just evolves. Zero-party data helps you keep your data accurate, relevant, and up-to-date, because it’s coming directly from your audience.

Wayin-powered experiences empower brands to do this, keeping profiles relevant and constantly enriched with up-to-date data points, and never repeating questions.

Discovery leveraged this functionality on dropdown questions provided by Jeep, where participants can select their product of interest. Once the user answers these, the questions are removed on all next visits, so the data entered the first time is kept clean and participants do not have to repeat their answers when they next enter.

This offers a great opportunity to grow profiles of consumers over extended periods of time, and can be used to deliver hyper-personalized and targeted marketing communications based on preferences actively selected by users.

Upon completing the form, fans are then directed to a confirmation page promoting Jeep’s car editions to browse and explore, and are encouraged to return and enter the quiz daily to extend their chances of winning.

Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

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