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How To Drive Loyalty Through Interactive Marketing Experiences

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: Campaign Planning

“Digital marketing today is like tv advertising with slightly better targeting, that’s not nearly fulfilling the promise of digital. It’s a collective failure of innovation.”

Loyalty with consumers is on the wane for many brands. Millennials are bored with video, images and text ads they can’t interact with. It’s abundantly clear marketing experiences need to become innovative again, and deliver content consumers actually want to engage with.

Throw in the proliferation of ad blocking and consumer indifference to digital ads and it’s obvious things need to change. For all too long marketers have remained shackled to archaic and boring traditional ad formats. Spooked by new techniques due to scalability worries and ever shrinking budgets.


Digital Advertising Isn’t Working Anymore

But digital advertising isn’t clicking any more, with average click-through rates a measly 0.1%. If you want to engender loyalty, then, like trust, you need to earn it. Clickbait and shouty, flashy display advertising isn’t the way to go. Marketers need to focus on delivering value-added interactive marketing experiences and finding unique and creative ways to engage with their customer.

New digital campaigns need to be customer-first, and offer something worth clicking or engaging with. There is a host of new campaigns today that marketers can use to connect with their customer and build true, meaningful relationships; from delivering micro experiences in digital display ads, to reveal campaigns that encourage fans to unlock exclusive content over a period of time, in-venue, mobile and messenger apps to name a few.


How To Drive Loyalty Through Interactive Experiences

Listen to Wayin CEO; Richard Jones discuss how you can once again engender loyalty from your consumers.

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