Enfamil A+ Increases Positive Brand Sentiment With Localized UGC Social Hub

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: CPG

Baby formula brand, Enfamil A+, is celebrating its consumers’ precious baby milestone memories with a localized, multi-network social wall published to its website. Participants can share their precious moments through Instagram, Twitter or directly through the form provided to be featured on the social wall full of heartwarming content.


  • Capture authentic UGC from brand advocates and increase positive brand sentiment
  • Boost multi-channel engagement to maximize campaign reach
  • Drive marketing opt-ins and program sign-ups


Whether it be their first few baby steps, or simply an endearing little smile, Enfamil A+ has introduced an exciting way for parents to come together and share their baby’s precious moments. Its new multi-network ‘Milestone Memories’ social wall brings together a celebration of every tumble, babble and wide-eyed discovery.

Cloned and localized to suit both its English and French speaking Canadian audience, the campaign is published to Enfamil A+’s website to drive engagement, build an online community for parents and ultimately increase brand awareness. To get involved, participants can share their best photos and stories through Instagram or Twitter using either of the dedicated campaign hashtags; #enfamil, #enfamilcanada or #enfa. To integrate first-party data capture and drive marketing opt-ins, parents can also submit their entries directly through the form provided by uploading their photo and a supporting caption, as well as their personal contact details.

Using the Wayin platform, Enfamil A+ can filter and publish the best submissions to a heartwarming social wall filled with spontaneous and precious baby moments. Website visitors can browse the uploads and share their favourite photos across Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to maximize campaign reach and drive further entries.

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