Fido Makes History With Holistic Digital Campaign for Canada’s First Ever Pride Month

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As a leading telecommunications brand, Fido connects consumers to those they love. The company partnered with Wayin to create a holistic digital campaign during Toronto’s first-ever Pride Month, giving consumers an opportunity to share their pride with others.

Marketing Objectives

  • Build a strong brand presence while supporting a global cause
  • Drive customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Encourage audience participation across multiple channels
  • Utilize hashtag to inspire advocates to create and share user generated content

Holistic Marketing: “Digital-Meets-Physical”

As the official telecommunications partner of Toronto’s Pride Month festivities, Fido saw an opportunity to activate consumers during the historic event. The company invited users to be proud and share their individuality using the hashtag #ProudBecause throughout the month.

Fido used the Wayin Campaign Experience Platform to create a dedicated landing page that served as a platform where everyone’s shared stories could live. Every channel of the campaign sought to push consumers to share their Pride (mass media, social media, influencers, retail events, on-site parties, activations) and then go back to the landing page and see the community of individuals in Toronto celebrating their pride.

Real-time User Generated Content on Digital Screen

Toronto Pride Month culminated with a parade that drew tens of thousands of spectators. Fido extended their interactive campaign with a truck that drove in the festival featuring a high-res digital screen displaying real-time social content.

Fido Mobile Truck - Toronto Pride Parade

Participants in the parade could post across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the campaign hashtag #ProudBecause to have their content appear on the truck and an on-site social wall.

The campaign will be live during the future Vancouver and Montreal events, giving users more chances to be #ProudBecause. Join the celebration by using #ProudBecause on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“If a picture is worth 1,000 words, maybe 1,000 pictures has the potential to give a true face to our community. And what a truly diverse and beautiful community we have.’”
– Mathieu Chantelois, Pride Toronto Executive Director

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