Product Trial Hub: Finish Launches Informative Hub To Promote Water Saving Day

Jessica Williams CPG

To coincide with Water Saving Day 2018, Finish published an informative hub complete with plenty of water usage facts, an interactive water usage calculator, and an exciting product trial giveaway.

With dishwasher machines having such a low penetration in Brazil, consumers’ washing habits mainly consist of handwashing. To overcome the myth of dishwashers wasting more water than manual washing at the kitchen sink, Finish is challenging consumers for one week only to use a dishwasher, informing consumers how this one small act could save so much water. To stimulate this habit adoption, Finish has also generated a Finish Powerball trial giveaway for the first 3,000 consumers to complete the form provided.


    • Raise awareness about water consumption on dishwashing machines in aid of Water Saving Day
    • Stimulate dishwasher usage habits by generating a Finish Powerball trial giveaway
    • Capture valuable audience data for Finish to maintain future communications and stimulate conversions for e-communications
    • Understand customers’ water usage habits using a bespoke water usage calculator


To drive awareness as part of Water Saving Day on 22nd March, Finish used the Wayin platform to publish an informative hub surrounding the Finish Powerball, complete with two unique experiences to engage visitors. Using efficient Wayin capabilities, offline product trial techniques have been replaced, eradicating data solios and allowing Finish to pinpoint large quantities of valuable information surrounding its customer base.

In conjunction with World Water Saving Day and to help minimize water waste, Finish is rewarding customers who have purchased a Finish product by giving away individual Finish Powerballs to the first 3,000 participants who submit the form provided. To complete the form, participants must enter their name, email address, product code and home address, and can opt-in to receive future marketing communications and product updates from Finish. What’s more, after all 3,000 products have been claimed, Finish continues to incentivize participation and drive future purchases by giving away 30% discount on its products.

To delve deeper into understanding customers’ water usage habits, Finish used a bespoke, interactive water usage calculator for participants to see how much water they use specifically for their household size. Users can work their way through four simple questions, where on completion, participants receive their result along with useful tips on how to save water. To maximize campaign reach, Finish has also included Facebook sharing options for participants to share their results.


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