Fisherman’s Keep Designs ‘Go-To’ Space For A Seamless And Engaging Website Experience

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Famously known for its delicious crab legs, Pinnacle Entertainment’s seafood buffet restaurant ‘Fisherman’s Keep’ annually celebrates the great taste of seafood with a social hub published to its website’s homepage.


  • Capture valuable audience data and opt-ins for future marketing promotions
  • Drive UGC creation and sharing across multiple social channels to act as word-of-mouth promotion
  • Create a ‘go-to’ space for information, menu’s, and the latest social updates
  • Obtain customer feedback towards their experiences at Fisherman’s Keep
  • Use discount incentives to encourage repeat restaurant visitation
  • Use right’s management opt-in for permission to reuse customer photos in marketing material


Fisherman’s Keep celebrates all things seafood with its annual mouthwatering multi-network social hub embedded within its website. The restaurant asks customers to share their buffet experiences in return for $5 off their next visit, so whether they’re tucking into stuffed crab shells, crisp fried butterfly shrimp, or drunken mussels, Fisherman’s Keep wants to hear about it!

Customers are asked to get creative and take a photo of their recent buffet experience before sharing through one of three routes to entry; Twitter, Instagram, or directly within the form provided. To get involved through Twitter or Instagram, diners are simply required to upload their image using the hashtag #FishermansKeep. Alternatively, to submit their photo through the form, customers must enter their personal details including their name, email address, and restaurant location, allowing Fisherman’s Keep to obtain valuable audience data. Upon submission, customers can also choose to ‘opt-in’ to receive the latest news, offers and emails, and have the option to confirm whether Pinnacle Entertainment can use their content for marketing purposes in the future.


Using the hashtag #FishermansKeep, photos can be easily filtered and published to the social gallery, where website visitors can see the other delicious dishes submitted by customers so far. What’s more, to maximize campaign reach, Fisherman’s Keep has included Twitter and Facebook icons where visitors and participants can share the campaign with their friends, driving more “shelfies” with the incentive of receiving $5 off a future buffet visit.



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