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How Food Network Intelligently Capture Data Using Sweepstakes

Georgia ScottLast Updated: Media & Publishing

To celebrate the release of Amber Locke’s “Nourish” Vegan Cookbook, Scripp Networks International (UK) Limited, Food Network have launched a sweepstakes campaign, with a neat social sign-in integration to efficiently capture data.

Marketing Campaign Objectives

  • Drive sales and promotion of the cookbook’s release from Octopus Publishing Group
  • Capture rich audience data and marketing opt-ins
  • Boost conversion rates from social sign-on
  • Engage with the healthy eating trend

Sweepstakes Solution

Scripps Networks have launched a simple sweepstakes campaign to promote the release of Amber Locke’s “Nourish” Cookbook, giving fans the chance to win 1 of 8 cookbooks on offer.

Scripps Networks have utilized social sign-in integration, meaning participants can use their contact details from Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to populate the data fields in the sign-up form, simplifying the entry process and user journey.

To get involved, contestants have to answer the multiple choice question and identify what percentage of the British population are vegan, from the three options available. Entrants are then encouraged to sign-up to different weekly and monthly newsletters, to drive further brand engagement after the campaign has finished. The winners will then be chosen from a random draw of the correct answers.

Upon entry, fans are given links to related vegetarian and vegan pages on the Food Network website, to increase their dwell time on the website.

What’s more, to help increase book sales for their partner, Scripps Networks have displayed a call-to-action linking through to the Octopus Publishing Group website, where aspiring chefs can choose to purchase Amber’s cookbook.

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