Forrester: Agility Is King, Data Is Queen

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When change is the norm, marketing agility becomes a true business weapon.

And change is happening all around us, in every industry, and at lightning speed. And it’s a brand’s ability to respond quickly to change that will define whether it sinks or swims in the digital era.

This may sound like common sense, but while consumers idly scroll Netflix’ plethora of content on mobiles, tablets and smart television sets, or stream Throwback Thursday playlists on Spotify, there’s a Blockbusters or HMV store, that once monopolized the market, shutting their doors for the final time. They weren’t agile to change, and they didn’t have the data on their customers’ habits to tell them that they would soon be changing their purchasing habits.


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The Rise Of The Digital Experience Platform

Merely a few years ago, brands connected with consumers via the website, which supported fixed and linear customer journeys from hit to conversion.

Fast-forward to today and the Web CMS industry is evolving to fit into modern Digital Experience Platform architectures focused on helping businesses build impactful, personalized digital experiences that go beyond web to support true omni-channel engagement.

“Ultimately, we need to establish a DXP architecture that strives for channel-specific tooling for employees to engage with customers where, where and how they prefer, while refining that over time.” – Mark Grannan, Senior Analyst Forrester

Agility Will Define The Winners And Losers Of Digital Disruption

Complex projects with multiple capabilities, touching all areas of digital experience for customers, employees and partners are inherently difficult. Agility has to be the number one priority in any DXP strategy if you are to be on the right side of digital opportunity.

As the traditional web content management industry has been disrupted by the evolution of DXPs, Wayin has built relationships with leading providers to furnish non-technical marketers with the tools to quickly and easily create short-lived interactive experiences that collect first-party data across the customer lifecycle at speed and scale.

“If you buy data from a third-party, that is a risky element. That could get you in hot water not just with the client for being creepy, but potentially with regulators.” – Mark Grannan, Senior Analyst Forrester

Zero-Party Data Is At The Heart Of Your DXP Strategy

We’ve embarked on a new era of privacy. The Cambridge Analytic scandal, coupled with data protection law sweeping the globe has made it difficult for marketers that rely on third-party data sets.

“Focus on the data that is actionable, differentiates and moves the needle. And you can’t get smaller than zero-party data” – Tim Glomb, Founder, Audience Sherpa

But agile marketers are seizing this tumoutlous time as one of opportunity. Instead, they are connecting directly with consumers and gathering the data and permissions they need to power personalized marketing across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

types of data

Zero-party data is a type of data that is intentionally and proactively shared directly with you by the consumer. A type of data that is never inferred through income or device matching, nor is it merely observed through spending behaviors or cookie data. Allowing brands to build direct relationships with consumers, and in turn, better personalize their marketing efforts, services, offers and product recommendations.


Forrester + Wayin Webinar: Agility Is King, Data Is Queen

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