Hallmark Channel Prepares For The Holiday Season With Christmas Reveal Campaign

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As many brands get ready and prepare for the holiday season, Hallmark Channel is one step ahead of the game with its newly launched Keepsake Ornament Giveaway campaign. Using Wayin’s countdown reveal solution, Hallmark Channel is driving engagement and capturing first-party data amongst website visitors.


    • Promote and drive traffic to Hallmark’s keepsake ornaments webpage
    • Capture valuable first-party data and marketing opt-ins
    • Drive anticipation amongst website visitors with daily reveals


Wish it could be Christmas everyday? Thanks to Hallmark Channel, Christmas has officially come early! To drive anticipation for the holiday season, at the same time as driving data acquisition, Hallmark Channel has published a Keepsake Ornament Giveaway reveal campaign to its website. Each day, Hallmark Channel viewers are invited to check out the latest ornament reveal, where they can enter for the chance to win their very own holiday keepsake ornament.

With 10 unique reveals, participants can learn a little background history surrounding each ornament, and can submit their details using the form provided in return for the exciting chance to win! To enter, viewers must confirm their name and email address, and can also opt-in to stay up-to-date with the latest offers and promotions from Crown Media.

To drive website traffic to its keepsake ornaments webpage, in turn driving sales, Hallmark Channel has also included ‘Learn More’ call to action buttons to inspire viewers to check out the full collection of the Christmas ornaments. Participants can also spread the word and share the campaign with their friends through Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

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