Hallmark Channel Drives Social Sharing Using Kitten-Inspired Meme Generator

Jessica Williams Broadcast Media

To promote the annual ‘Kitty Bowl’ event, Hallmark Channel published a cute, entertaining cat-inspired meme generator to its website. Website visitors and fans of the event could submit their very own kitten photos to create a personalized cat-lete card ready for sharing.


      • Use a fun, entertaining campaign to drive website engagement throughout the event
      • Promote and increase viewership for Hallmark Channel’s airing of ‘Kitty Bowl’
      • Boost campaign social sharing by inspiring customized, shareable UGC


Calling all cat lovers! Hallmark Channel has launched the ultimate meme-generator campaign to coincide with its annual airing of ‘Kitty Bowl’. From a selection of stunning bengals, to fluffy Maine Coons, the gallery hosts a range of kittens of all breeds, backgrounds and plenty of purr-sonalities!

To start creating their very own customized card, participants can select a team for their furry companion, before uploading their pet picture. Hallmark Channel viewers can then select the position, demeanor, quote and status from the dropdown options provided, and can submit their pet’s name, nickname, and their favorite things.

After submitting their entry, participants are provided with their own customized card featuring a framed photo of their cat, as well as a detailed profile of their pet. To maximize brand awareness, Hallmark Channel has also included social sharing actions to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for participants to share their cat-lete card creations. Website visitors can also head over to the gallery, where the best submissions are featured!

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