Hallmark Channel Promotes Trending Christmas Movies With Real-Time Social Campaign Hub

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Hallmark Channel has launched a participatory Christmas themed countdown campaign on its website, featuring interactive real-time social trends on top Christmas movies, together with Christmas-inspired hashtag generated conversations across social.


  • Promote and increase viewership on Christmas movies available on Hallmark Channel
  • Drive website engagement by offering interactive content experiences
  • Display real-time social trends, insights and UGC from campaign participants
  • Use the hashtag #CountdownToChristmas to encourage social sharing and drive traffic to Hallmark Channel movie webpages


As the countdown to Christmas is officially underway, Hallmark Channel knows there’s nothing better than spending those cold Winter nights on the couch, watching back-to-back Christmas films. With its newly launched interactive campaign hub on its website, Hallmark Channel has created the ultimate go-to place for exploring the most popular Christmas films and live seasonal conversation.

Using an array of functionalities within the Wayin platform, Hallmark Channel has embedded multiple campaign mechanics to promote its Christmas film schedule. An interactive social wall with a time-specific ‘trending functionality’ features a selection of the top 10 most spoken about Christmas films on Twitter.


To provide further engagement for visitors, and to increase user dwell time, Hallmark Channel has displayed a graph relevant to each film, showing the number of Twitter mentions in real-time from the past hour. To drive traffic to other web pages on the site, Hallmark Channel included a ‘see more’ call-to-action button to direct visitors to information surrounding the film, including the time and date and time for when it premieres.

To inspire participation, website visitors have the ability to send pre-composed Tweets directly through the campaign page, and can edit and personalize them as they wish. Each post includes a link to Hallmark’s film information page, driving further traffic to the Hallmark Channel website.


With the use of the hashtag #CountdownToChristmas, the Wayin platform has enabled Hallmark Channel to filter through relevant Christmas conversation from Twitter and Instagram, and then regularly publish new content to the social hub for visitors to interact with.


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