Hallmark Channel Uses ‘Reveal’ Activation To Increase Anticipation For New Television Series

Jessica Williams Broadcast Media

As the hit drama television series ‘When Calls The Heart’ prepares for Season 4, Hallmark Channel published a reveal campaign activation to its website, featuring exclusive content day-by-day to drive interest, excitement and anticipation for the premiere.


  • Boost anticipation for Season 4 of ‘When Calls The Heart’
  • Maximize campaign engagement through repeat audience visitation
  • Tell a compelling story with daily interactive and unique content reveals


Television drama series, ‘When Calls The Heart’ has proven to be a big hit amongst its US audience, and in order to maximize interest, excitement and drive anticipation for the premiere of Season 4, Hallmark Channel published a reveal campaign activation to its website.


Launched 7 days prior to the highly-anticipated premiere, the reveal campaign activation gave fans and website visitors the chance to take a sneak peak of exclusive content each and every day. From season video previews filmed especially with the actors themselves, 20% promotion codes for listed products, and entertaining content inspired by the new TV series, fans were spoilt with brand new content every day. Hallmark Channel has used the reveal campaign to not only drive anticipation around the premiere, but also to encourage repeat audience visitation, in turn maximizing the number of website visits.


To ensure that the perfect blend of informative, engaging and visual content is featured on its website, Hallmark Channel embedded the reveal campaign to its ‘When Calls The Heart’ webpage, where visitors can explore each daily reveal, and browse the website for more information.

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