Hallmark Channel Launches Entertaining Timed Quiz To Promote Seasonal Movie Schedule

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Broadcast Media

To maximize awareness around its all-new Fall Harvest movie schedule, Hallmark Channel has published a timed photo quiz to its website to inspire engagement and participation for visitors. To promote the autumnal movies showcased each Saturday, website visitors are tested on 10 quiz questions to see how much they really know. The pressure is on!


  • Promote and drive anticipation for Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest movie schedule
  • Provide website visitors with a seasonal, interactive campaign experience
  • Drive fan participation and entries using social sharing actions


It’s official. The warmest season of the year has been and gone, and the hats and gloves are starting to sneak their way back into our wardrobes ready for Fall. To keep its viewers entertained throughout the autumnal months, Crown Media’s television network, Hallmark Channel has introduced a ‘Fall Harvest’ movie schedule. To promote these new original movies premiered every Saturday night at 9/8c, Hallmark Channel has published a ‘Picture This’ timed photo quiz activation to its website, testing visitors on their movie knowledge and memory.


To get involved, participants are taken through a series of 10 unique questions, where they are tested to see just how photographic their memory is. Website visitors can catch a fast glimpse at photos from different movies, and then must try to remember details from each photo to answer the given question correctly. With just 10 seconds to answer each question, the countdown is sure to put the pressure on.

On completion of the quiz, participants are presented with their score to show how good their memory really was. Those who entered can then challenge their friends to beat their score by sharing the quiz through Twitter and Facebook, in turn maximizing fan participation and campaign reach. And to drive further anticipation for the Fall Harvest movie schedule, Hallmark Channel is showcasing each correct answer and an accompanying movie trailer preview to engage and inform participants.

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