Hallmark Channel Treats Website Visitors To ‘Love Lock’ Meme Generator This Valentine’s

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In promotion of the brand-new movie premiere ‘Love Lock’, Hallmark Channel has published the perfect Valentine’s treat for website visitors, where they can create their own personalized love lock meme to share with and surprise that special someone.


  • Promote and ultimately drive viewership for the launch of movie premiere ‘Love Lock’
  • Create an entertaining and visual design to entice campaign engagement
  • Use the dedicated hashtag #CountdownToValentines to increase campaign reach
  • Drive engagement across Hallmark Channel website pages
  • Encourage campaign social sharing across Twitter and Facebook


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Hallmark Channel is filling its website with love by launching an interactive Valentine’s themed campaign experience. To promote the launch of the much anticipated movie premiere ‘Love Lock’, Hallmark Channel reflected the film plot using a carefully thought out padlock meme-generator, published to its ‘Countdown to Valentine’s Day’ webpage.

Viewers and website visitors have the chance to commemorate their love by creating their very own personalized love lock between them and their chosen special someone. To maximize entries and to drive campaign awareness, Hallmark Channel has made campaign participation effortless, helping to meet its ultimate goal of increasing viewership and awareness around the launch of the new movie premiere.


To create their meme, couples are provided with a blank heart canvas where they can write their names or personalized love message in the text field provided. Participants are then directed to a confirmation page with their generated love lock creation, ready to share with their other half or with friends through Twitter and Facebook.


The dedicated hashtag #CountdownToValentines is also promoted on the campaign page to drive further social conversation, in turn increasing campaign reach and awareness around the movie.


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