How A Leading Media Group Leveraged Wayin To Reduce Costs & Make ROI

Milan Klusacek App Store, Media & Publishing

In the perpetual struggle to drive more revenue and acquire new customers, campaign costs can rapidly escalate, adversely impacting ROI. That’s where the importance of reducing build and deployment costs comes in, while still delivering visually stunning interactive marketing campaigns.

Wayin were approached by a global media group to do just this. Cutting back the bucks shelled out to agencies for the same old campaign after campaign, and removing the need for expensive and timely ideation and build cycles every time they needed to connect with their audience. All-the-while, still hitting their data acquisition and ad revenue goals. Challenge accepted.

For a 2016 campaign, the global media group created a microsite to ramp up the excitement ahead of a major sporting event. The microsite boasted blogs, competitions and images, in a simple and user-friendly format. Delivering on the brief and hitting it’s data acquisition objectives.

But here’s the rub, the campaign took over 3 weeks to design, build and deploy, involving various stakeholders, with a four figure cost per day. Requiring the help of various back-end developers to get the campaign live, and once it had run its course, it was consigned to the dustbin like a takeaway coffee cup.

Marketing Campaign Objectives

  • Slash expensive costs for custom built campaigns
  • Reduce protracted build time for campaigns
  • Curtail need for developer assistance
  • Capture huge amounts of first-party GDPR compliant data
  • Create campaigns that can be cloned and reused

The Solution

Fast-forward to 2017 and enter Wayin. For a similar campaign brief, rather than employing an external agency, or hassling busy internal development teams, Wayin trained a single marketing executive to create this, and future campaigns for the global media client.

Using standard platform functionality, a customized theme and some advanced configuration that same team member was able to deliver the campaign in half a working week. Not only were they able to develop an interactive microsite, consisting of a stunning videos, enticing competitions and compelling content, but it quickly surpassed its data acquisition goals.

App Store

All data collected was GDPR complaint, as standard for Wayin campaigns. And unlike countless other SaaS marketing platforms, we don’t sell on any data we collect. But what about reducing costs and hitting ROI?

The microsite could be localized at speed and scale, allowing a constant stream of consistent, qualitative data capture with no data silos. All at the click of a button. Seeing time savings of 83%, and a campaign cost reduction in excess of 98%. What’s more, with Wayin this campaign, and all others are saved to the media client’s personal campaign library, meaning it can be cloned, tweaked, optimized and reused at any time. Making the cost reduction possibilities endless.

Results: A Campaign Comparison

  • Campaign build time reduced from over 3 weeks to 3 days
  • Cost reduction of over 98% in like-for-like terms
  • Increase in data collection – something not possible on the original build
  • Campaign can be localized to any brand or territory in a single click
  • Continual savings as campaign can be cloned, tweaked and reused across markets and titles


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