How Bowtech Became #1 U.S. Archery Brand

Danny O'Reilly Retail

The archery vertical is an ultra-competitive space. Leading brands typically spend millions on ‘feature wars’ and dramatic advertising to differentiate themselves from their rivals. However fundamentally, it’s a vertical hallmarked by similar tactics, ad formats, influencers and media, with the winners traditionally being those with the largest budgets.

Bowtech decided on a different tact.

A Philosophy Rooted In Zero-Party Data

Bowtech wanted to build meaningful and lasting relationships with its customers, and to do so they shifted budgets away from ads and interruptions and pivoted to a zero-party data strategy.

For the uninitiated, zero-party data is self-reported preference insights and purchase motivations that consumers tell a trusted brand in return for an incentive that can include things like coupons, personalized recommendations, exclusive content or social kudos.

Bowtech leveraged Wayin’s plethora of multi-channel interactive experiences to drive zero-party data collection and collect the permissions, motivations and desires to drive personalization initiatives.

“We’ve found that if we put the energy into better experiences, dollar for dollar, we get better data, we get better market research, and it informs our creative and product lifestyle which is amazing! We’re absolutely seeing the return.”

– Tim Glomb, Bowtech

Personalizing Every Customer’s Experience

By creating fun and engaging interactive experiences and offering a value exchange in the form of hunting trips, kit, memberships, access to industry events and celebrities in the sport, Bowtech could collect not only huge amounts of marketing opt-ins, but granular data points.

Using this data, Bowtech were able to deliver true-personalization, going direct to customers and offering relevant and contextual messaging to drive revenue.


  • £1.2M reduction in annual marketing spend
  • 500k zero-party data records collected
  • 150 data points collected per customer

Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

Start collecting data and marketing opt-ins to better personalize your marketing efforts, services, offers and recommendations.

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