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4 Ways To Collect First-Party Data From Instagram

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Instagram has grown from a few sunset selfies and funny cat videos to the most relevant social media channel worldwide. As of mid 2018 it boasts over 1 billion active users, of which many log in several times a day to scroll newsfeeds and catch up on Stories.

For marketers, pushing out messaging and inspiring consumers with stunning visuals is straightforward enough, but collecting first-party data and rich audience insights, for a myriad of reasons is a little tougher.

Here we’ll talk you through 4 hacks to acquire first-party data and uber-relevant information on consumers and engaged fans that will help you understand more about their motivations, intentions, interests and preferences and fuel future marketing activities.

1. Offer A Value Exchange In Return For Data

Digitally savvy consumers need to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for their attention and personal data. Merely asking for data and insights isn’t enough.

Marketers can deliver this through interactive experiences in Instagram Stories that conduct market research, accrue opt-ins and deliver an altogether better experience with a tangible value exchange for the user.

Whether a quirky quiz, playful poll or stunning sweepstake, by leveraging these interactive experiences that incorporate incentive mechanics such as unlocking content, instant wins, giveaways or coupons to name but a few, marketers can quickly and easily collect first-party data at speed and scale from Instagram Stories.

5x – call-to-action pages that load five times faster than traditional web pages in Instagram Stories

2. Seamlessly Incorporate Data Capture Mechanics Into Stories

Upon swiping up on current iterations of ads within Instagram Stories, call-to-action pages take upwards of five seconds to fully load. This is a clear user-experience headache for connected consumers who expect the sort of instant gratification from digital experiences they’ve become accustomed to on other channels.

Wayin-powered Social Stories are built mobile-first, not mobile-responsive, keeping your audience engaged and increasing conversions. Instant loading and boasting natural gesture behavior and elegant animations, whilst stripped of needless navigation and clutter.

By embedding data collection mechanics into Instagram Stories brands can easily collect large amounts of first-party data at speed and scale.

As way of an example; Global Radio wanted to capture consumer data ahead of their annual Summertime Ball with Vodafone. Enter Wayin, and our data capture in Instagram Stories functionality. Upon swiping, fans were served a simple data capture form for the chance to win exclusive tickets. The result: the brand were able to drive huge amounts first-party data collection, far outperforming their traditional digital display advertising strategy.

Click play on the video below to see the campaign in action

3. Add A Contextual Link To Page Bio And Stories

When seeking to push traffic to owned channels and landing pages where marketers can emded high-converting forms and interactive experience that drive data collection, marketers have had their creativity restricted as Instagram only allows a solitary link in page bios. Urls added to posts are not clickable – an unhelpful restriction for marketers often juggling multiple campaigns.

Fortunately, within Instagram Stories, marketers can incorporate clickable links and contextual CTAs that seamlessly direct users to interactive landing pages. And by adding compelling copy in posts and an enticing CTA in page bios highlighting a value exchange for engaging marketers can boost clicks and in turn first-party data acquisition.

75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post

4. Create Instagram Content Hubs In Owned Channels

Marketers need to become as savvy as their customers, by transforming their websites and other digital channels into immersive social hubs that feature the perfect balance of branded and user-generated content. These hubs are engineered to drive  engagement, increase first-party data collection.

The benefits of proudly displaying your hard-earned UGC are clear: you maximize consumer trust, increase brand relevance and drive on-site engagement. To drive engagement that little bit further, using Wayin, marketers can apply a custom call-to-action to a contextual image that is shown in an Instagram photo and link directly to a corresponding landing page.

22% increase in click-throughs on call-to-actions when pages ingest Instagram content

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