How Wayin Augments Web Content Management Systems And Marketing Suites

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I used to work for the largest web content management system at the turn of the millennium. Back then, the website was THE only online destination that allowed consumers to connect with brands. Fast forward to today, and there is a much more fragmented landscape for how brands can connect with digital consumers. There’s new owned media channels, like branded mobile apps, digital screens in-store or in-venue, there is the rapid growth of earned channels such as social networks, and then there is paid media across display ad networks, social platforms and other ad funded businesses.

The state of play

Here’s the rub, the traditional web content management platform wasn’t built to create experiences to engage people anywhere other than the brand website. Which means the Web CMS isn’t the only tool you need to create marketing destinations in today’s more fragmented digital landscape.

The traditional web content management industry has been disrupted by the evolution of Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), and that’s why Wayin has built great relationships with the leading DXP vendors in Sitecore, IBM and Adobe. As like Wayin, DXPs are focused on helping customers build impactful, personalized experiences that go beyond web to support true omni-channel engagement.

“Your web content management platform wasn’t  built to deliver interactive campaign experiences, and it can’t engage consumers anywhere other than on site.”

The traditional Web CMS is merely designed to support marketers with fixed consumer journeys, control content publishing, auditing and workflow, and deliver limited personalization when people are on your website. So if you are a marketer looking to do something innovative, interactive and engaging for your next campaign, you aren’t really going to look to your Web CMS as the enabling technology to help you build the destination you want people to visit. You need to look to a leading DXP, like Sitecore, IBM and Adobe, who partner with a Brand Engagement Platform like Wayin, that can easily build interactive experiences that engage and collect first-party data.

How can marketers connect on every digital channel?

What marketers need in today’s fragmented media landscape is an ‘embeddable experience builder’. Something that has been specifically designed to create interactive brand experiences, which can be published to every digital touchpoint – all your owned, earned and paid channels. You need your marketing campaign to connect with people where THEY are, but you want to do more than just push a video advert at them that they can’t interact with. You want them to actually connect with your brand, interact with your marketing experience, collect data on that engagement and capture relevant marketing permissions, so you can target them in the future on multiple channels.


Forrester and the Wayin vision

Leading business analysts; Forrester, in their report ‘The End Of Advertising As We Know It’ details how consumers are completely turned off by the one-way ‘Ad Interruptions’ of video and image based content they can’t interact with. Google, Facebook and brands have assembled huge amounts of data about consumers to better target ads, but we are at historic rock-bottom lows in terms of click -through rates. Data doesn’t make ads more engaging. That’s why 38% of the US online population now uses ad blockers. And that number is rising.

“Consumers are ready for deeper relationships with the companies that matter to them. Digital makes building experience-rich relationships with customers necessary.” – James McQuivey, Principle Analyst, Forrester

Marketers need to deliver great interactive experiences in the ad unit itself, something that offers a value exchange for the consumer to engage with. This will differentiate you from all the other brands delivering shouty content at people. Storytelling on digital channels needs to be augmented with consideration on how the consumer can interact with the story (that’s the digital experience piece), whilst also presenting them an incentive (the value exchange) to do so.

With Wayin you can deliver interactive experiences to engage the consumer through the ad unit without having to click off anywhere else – we call this an ‘appvert’ – and you can leverage all manner of mechanics for the value exchange such as Watch and Win, Meme Generators, Coupons, Instant Wins and 75+ other ideas.  If you want to drive people from the appvert to your owned channels to move through the purchase journey, you need a contextually relevant landing page on your website in order to deliver a better user journey.

Wayin was built with the unique purpose of helping marketers configure embeddable interactive brand experiences that can be delivered through ad units themselves on paid media, and the broader interactive landing page on your website itself. In fact because it’s an embeddable experience builder, you can embed marketing experiences into any channel, from branded mobile app to in-venue touch-screens, OOH displays and live streamed experiences.

Where Wayin fits in marketing stack

With Wayin you can connect your consumer in an interactive experience across all your paid, owned and earned channels. Wayin can embed experiences across your platforms just as fast as you can embed a YouTube video on these channels. And all the data we collect from these campaigns is fed through into the CRM and DMP platforms of the marketing stacks of Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce. Their web tracking scripts are easily integrated into our campaigns as well. We were built to solve the problems they can’t, whilst leveraging their infrastructure so you can maximise your investments in them.

“The team was impressed with Wayin’s ability to quickly design and launch multiple campaigns and how easily your solution could be shared across multiple platforms.” – Brian Keer, CMO, Kraft Heinz

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