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How Wayin Is Helping The Data-Centric CMO

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For years CMOs sought a competitive advantage by compiling huge amounts of third-party data to fuel their campaigns. But marketers’ best intentions have led to eroding consumer trust and helped ring in a new age of privacy.

The elephant in the room that everyone ignored, was that this data, purchased from various data vendors is aggregated from a whole host of unrelated sources; like home addresses, date-of-births, electoral rolls and credit scores, combined with inferred information like cookies, click trails and internet searches. Heavily unreliable at best, and in light of recent GDPR legislation, illegal at worst. What’s more, third-party does not work cross-device, so any mobile browsing (which accounts for the majority of browsing activity) was not helping build an accurate picture of your prospect.

We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift, and for the ‘woke CMO’ that recognizes that the first-party data economy is here, Wayin is here to help.

92% of marketers believe first-party data is critical to their growth


Data-Centric Without Stifling Creativity

As the marketer’s job specification has become more data-driven, creativity has ceded. Better segmentation and targeting has not led to more creative, laser-focused campaigns. It’s resulted in brands becoming risk averse, spending far too long ideating and deploying campaigns, all-the-while shackling the marketers natural flair.

With Wayin, marketers can rapidly and cost effectively create interactive digital experiences using our intuitive interface. Whether the Holiday’s, festival season or a major sporting event, marketers can rapidly access their own organization’s private app library of previous experiences from any market, brand or division, then let their creativity flourish.

A marketer can easily search nearly a hundred interactive experience frameworks by customer lifecycle stage, cultural moment, experience type or KPI in order to find the perfect campaign to support their objectives. It’s a tool that let’s marketers do more of what they are great at – creating innovative twists on already successful campaigns. Simply save, clone, optimize and publish. It’s as simple as that.


75+ Interactive Campaigns Incorporating PII Data-Capture Mechanics

Every marketer would love to work solely with first-party data, but many might think it’s difficult to collect at scale. That’s where we come in. With Wayin’s suite of multi-channel campaign experiences to drive first-party data acquisition, brands can collect swathes of actionable PII data at speed and scale.

Wayin has developed over 75 revolutionary interactive digital experiences and experiences, specifically optimized to be published in social platforms, ad networks, landing pages, mobile apps, or any digital destinations. These experiences deliver a fun and engaging user experience and offer a value exchange for data, giving your consumers the opportunity to tell you more about themselves. Collecting first-party data that you can then use to fuel your campaigns, product development and drive sales.

81% of marketers say first-party data helps them drive strong ROI from their campaigns


Making Social Ads A Better Experience

As the Instagram Stories become the new newsfeed for socially savvy consumers, marketers need to take advantage of this channel that boasts engagement rates like no other.

But rather than place a garish call-to-action in a sponsored story that takes an age to load and redirects to a clunky responsive site, marketers need to focus on UX and continuing the journey from stunning story to mobile-first, in-app pages that load instantly without website clutter, with an experience that matches the content they swiped on.

By leveraging Wayin marketers can do this and seamlessly incorporating simple data capture mechanics that collect PII data within the Stories environment.


Seamlessly Push Data To Your CRM In Real-Time

When a user has engaged with your campaign, you want that data and insight into your CRM in real-time, while the user is engaged.

But it’s not just internal data silos that clog up your organization’s efficiency. Many brand engagement platforms and DXPs wait until campaigns are finished before sending the data through to your CRM. With Wayin, campaign data is seamlessly and instantly pushed into your CRM. No hold up, no silos.


Fire Up Your DMP

All interactions and audience insights on your prospects preference and motivations will help you target them with relevant campaigns and content in the future. And the more targeted and personalized your campaigns, the better the results.

But unless you connect your DMP to Wayin, then the high volume of quality, segmented data you accrue won’t be put to work. To function effectively and deliver ROI, DMPs need first-party data, and Wayin allows you to push data into your DMP effortlessly.

Scripps Network

To celebrate their 20th birthday, Scripps launched a simple, yet creative sweepstakes competition, that could be completed in one simple form, consisting of a few personal details and lifestyle preferences.

The result was over 300 million unique campaign entries from a single campaign. Loading their CRM and DMP with first-party data and rich audience insights, combined with the creativity that offered a value exchange in return for data.

“Wayin has allowed us to securely collect customer data and activate key audiences. We have experienced an uptick in response rates and customer engagement as a result.”

300m marketing opt-ins


Scripps Network sweepstakes campaign collects 300 million entries


Collect First-Party Data Across The Entire Customer Lifecycle

A step-by-step guide to collecting rich audience insights and actionable first-party data through interactive digital experiences.

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