Infographic: How Wayin Is Trusted By World Leading Sports Brands

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Sports

There’s more ways to connect with sports fans than shelling out big bucks on half-time ads. But to engender the kind of loyalty only sports patrons understand, you need campaigns that connect supporters closer to the teams they love.

Whether competing on the pitch, for player transfers or commercial tie-ins, sports brands face many challenges in an aggressive vertical. And with every rival seeking a competitive edge, it can be tough to rise above the noise.

But when it comes to real-time marketing, no industry is better poised to take advantage of the engagement opportunities than the sports industry. Most fans watch the game with their device in hand, checking scores and sounding off on social media about contentious decisions.

The Infographic below demonstrates how Wayin partners with the world’s leading sports brands, such as NHL, Denver Broncos, MLB, Nascar, NFL, All Blacks, West Ham United and many more to create high-converting interactive digital marketing experiences that can be published to any owned, earned or paid channel.

Wayin’s brand engagement platform enables sports brands to boost advocacy, ramp-up excitement and capture huge amounts of first-party data and rich audience insights at speed and scale. Download full version.

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