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Instagram: Becoming the World’s Most Popular Social Network

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Recent research suggests Instagram usage has officially overtaken Facebook usage in the UK, which suggests that it could also take the top spot in terms of usage in the US and other markets soon.

According to Global Web Index Social: Q4 2014, Facebook usage in the UK is down 7% over the past 12 months, while Instagram has seen an 18% rise in active users over the same time period.


15,091 Internet Users aged 16-64, Q4 2014 (Source: GWI Q4 2014)

It was only a matter of time until Instagram surpassed Facebook usage, as it aligned itself as one of the fastest growing networks in 2014, whilst Facebook became less popular among millennials, and was labelled as ‘uncool’ among teens – leading brands to reassess their social marketing and target audiences’ behavior.

While the debate between spam accounts and active users remains, this latest research and Instagram’s recent growth figures suggest the trend will emerge (or has emerged) into other markets.

Instagram Rise in Popularity = Good News for Brands

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is primarily a mobile platform, and arguably the best short form video and photo sharing network. And, with mobile usage becoming the most efficient way to access the web, its relevancy as a preferred social network for the connected consumer is unparalleled.

This provides a great opportunity for marketers to capitalize from the huge amount of persuasive user generated content published (70 million average photos and videos per day) to the world’s favorite video and photo sharing network.

6 Ways to Use Instagram for Brand Marketing

With that in mind, here’s six top ways marketers can really bolster their brand marketing using Instagram.

  1. Photo and Video Hashtag Campaigns
  2. Socialized Websites
  3. E-commerce and Native Advertising
  4. Live Events
  5. Obtaining the rights to use Instagram Content
  6. Optimize Content Marketing

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