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Instagram SEO: 4 Sure-Fire Tactics That Really Work

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There are a myriad of factors that impact the way in which Google and other search engines rank your site. The big hitters, like keyword loading and link building naturally receive a lot of attention from digital marketers, but one widely neglected is Instagram SEO and how it can propel your site up the rankings.

Although Instagram does not have a direct connection to the major search engines, in the sense that activity there has an immediate or direct impact on your rankings. Social engagement is a byproduct of quality content, which in turn generates inbound links, mentions, lower bounce rates and increased dwell time… which are all SEO signals that Google cares about.

With that in mind, here’s 5 sure-fire Instagram SEO tactics that will help you climb the rankings and get more sets of eyeballs on your website.

Users spend on average 32 minutes scrolling Instagram per day

Increase Dwell Time Through Content Hubs

Google has begun to increasingly reward pages with higher user engagement. Pages that display extended dwell times, low bounce rates and high conversions are seeing their content appear higher organic search rankings.

The problem is the modern internet user is less digitally naive than predecessors. They rapidly hopscotch from site back to the SERP, click the next link, bounce again, until they find their desired page.

The reason users spend on average 32 minutes a day scrolling Instagram is because it’s content they can engage with that delivers a value exchange for their time. So by embedding Instagram feeds and live social walls for branded hashtags into websites, brands can keep users on page and extend user journeys, thus increasing dwell time and their organic search ranking

Delaware North Content Hub

300% – Delaware North enjoyed a 300% increase in dwell time by embedding Instagram content into their website 

2. Build Page Authority Through Backlinks

When trying to push traffic to websites and build page authority, marketers have had their creativity shackled as Instagram only allows a solitary link in page bios. Urls added to posts are unfortunately not clickable – an unhelpful restriction for marketers juggling multiple social campaigns and projects.

61% of marketers say improving SEO is their top inbound priority

Fortunately, within Instagram Stories, marketers can incorporate clickable links and contextual CTAs that seamlessly direct users to owned channels, accruing campaign backlinks and building page authority.

Instagram marketing for UGC collection with Muji

85% – Muji UGC campaign boasted 85% of website traffic was new visitors

3. Drive Traffic Through Wayin-Powered Social Stories

Following on from the previous point, if you want to get links in Instagram Stories clicked, you need to make sure the user actually sees it and doesn’t swipe to the next story before it’s loaded.

Ads within Instagram Social Stories take upwards of five seconds to load. By which time your viewer has long gone, moving to the next story in their feed. Wayin-powered Social Stories are built mobile-first, not mobile-responsive. Instant loading and seamlessly allowing clickable links that drive traffic to owned channels that harness natural gesture behavior, elegant animations you can’t help but swipe.

5x – Wayin-powered call-to-action pages in Social Stories load five times faster than traditional web pages

4. Base Keyword Strategy Around Popular Hashtags

While Instagram might not appear like a search engine, it does of course have a search function, with the most popular search being hashtags.

For brands, using relevant, and branded hashtags will not only give you maximum exposure, but unlike keywords that can often seem clunkily stuffed into posts, you can add as many hashtags as you require at the end of a post. And it’s easy to collate lists of high-performing hashtags for your industry and target audience.

By creating a branded hashtag around a campaign and running an associated photo or video competition on Instagram (and other networks like Twitter and Facebook), brands can create context for their product or service. These hashtags can become keywords in themselves, if you search #JustDoIt you know what website you will be served with.


Nike Just Do It Hashtag Campaign

70% of the most used hashtags are branded


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