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Interactive Experiences & GDPR: A Match Made In Marketing Heaven

Natalie CampbellLast Updated: Data Protection, gdpr

Two years later and the official enforcement of GDPR is finally here. Advertisers and publishers alike are still fretting over what the onset of refined data privacy regulations means for their marketing and advertising.

But has this not been a long time coming?

Picture 1994, when AT&T made internet history with the first ever banner ad achieving a click-through rate of 43% by offering an innovative and exciting experience for the newly digital consumer. Now, return to the age where ad-blocking software, dwindling performance, and enhanced consumer data rights proliferates – to 2018 and CTRs of less than 0.1%.

What’s happened?

It’s clear consumers haven’t felt valued for a while and, as a result, are neither willing to engage nor submit their first-party data. Consequently, not only are consumers losing out, but your ROI is taking the hit too.

A mutually-beneficial relationship is your paddle against the mudslide GDPR – and value exchanges are your secret weapon.

GDPR & the consumer-brand value exchange

Shock horror, the consumer who has been categorized as a small cog in the advertising machine for too long is now recognized as the engine behind your advertising and marketing performance.

With GDPR handing greater control of personal data back into the hands of the individual, you’ve actually been given the chance to benefit from improved data quality, transparency, and relationships with customers.

Now, imagine using these regulations as the framework behind delivering more engaging and interactive ad experiences that offer a value exchange to the consumer in return for their engagement and declared data:

  • Interactivity drives more authentic engagements thus increasing ad performance
  • Value exchanges incentivize data capture and boost brand affinity
  • Declared data allows for better personalization and segmentation, leading to an uptick in engagement, conversions, and ultimately revenue

Heightened engagement, improved ad performance, compliant data capture, increased customer loyalty, and enhanced audience profiling – It seems like a pipe dream, right?

In reality, interactive digital experiences and GDPR are a match-made in marketing heaven – everyone benefits.

See how Etihad are driving declared data acquisition and then using the insights to fuel their hyper-personalized marketing messages and experiences.

How Wayin complements GDPR

Wayin’s interactive digital experiences and declared data capture enables marketers to use GDPR as a proactive opportunity, rather than a revenue guzzler.

We’ve been working with folks like P&G, Twitter, AT&T, Bauer Media, General Mills, Scripps Interactive, Daily Mail Group, Shazam,  and others on delivering a framework for interactive advertising experiences that offer a value exchange with clear and unambiguous consent from consumers across every digital touchpoint.

There are many SaaS marketing platforms that sell the data they collect on your behalf to boost their margin. Making not just them, but your brand, non-compliant. Wayin doesn’t sell personal data on to anyone. We think that’s the standard and are happy to set it.


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