Consumers want promotions in social stories

50% Of Internet Users Want To See Stories From Brands That Feature Promotions

Richard JonesLast Updated: Collect First-Party Data, Social Stories

Social Stories have rapidly become the newsfeed of choice for digital natives. Fast, flexible, and authentic, they beat eternal algorithm shifts as they appear chronologically, and encourage direct engagement over passive consumption.

These brief and playful snapshots boast engagement rates of up to 300% higher than traditional posts and are observed by lots more sets of eyeballs. But while consumers commonly eschew advertising online, when done with tact, they have been surprisingly receptive to social stories advertising, with increased click-throughs, ad recall and purchasing intent.

But consumers don’t just want to see new products and brand messaging – they want promotions. If you want socially savvy consumer’s attention you need to offer a value exchange for their time and engagement.

5x Faster Loading Call-To-Action Pages

Upon swiping up on current iterations of social stories advertising, call-to-action pages take a full 5 seconds to load. With modern consumers refusing to wait over a solitary second for web content to load, there’s clearly a user experience issue at play. This is because you’re waiting for an external page to load, a case of the content being mobile-responsive as opposed to mobile-first.

As a result of this delay, your viewer has likely jumped to the next story in their newsfeed and your opportunity for engagement or conversion has long gone.

Wayin-powered Social Stories load instantly, keeping your audience engaged and increasing conversions. Whether a quirky questionnaire, great giveaway, playful poll or simple sign-up, these real-time marketing campaign types can be easily embedded into fast loading interactive call-to-action pages to help you rise above the noise and drive action from social stories.

The Value Exchange: Promotions For Engagement

Consumers need to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for their attention and personal data. Brands need to offer a tangible value exchange that encourages action.

They can do this by offering promo codes, exclusive content, showcasing user-generated content, social kudos, or any form of promotion that elicits the user to engage. Wayin-powered Social Stories seamlessly incorporate incentive mechanics that capture data in return for the promotion.

Collecting PII data and preference insights on potential customers at speed and scale helping you understand more about their motivations, intentions, preferences and fuel future marketing activities and product recommendations.

Putting The Theory Into Practice:

Click play to see Wayin-powered Social Stories in action 

Global Radio wanted to amplify the reach and buzz around their annual Summertime Ball with Vodafone, getting in front of the right sets of eyeballs and driving zero-party data collection.

They enlisted Wayin to power the experience, and TV personality Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, to promote their interactive social story on her personal Instagram account.

Upon swiping, fans were served a simple data capture form for the chance to win exclusive tickets. This form loaded instantly, maintaining the same feel as the experience the user swiped, with needless navigation and information stripped out.

By offering a value exchange in a contextually relevant channel, and seamlessly incorporating data capture mechanics into the interactive story, Global Radio and Vodafone UK drove huge amounts first-party data collection and outperformed their traditional digital display advertising strategy.

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