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Introducing Reveal Campaign and 4 Ways To Use It

Jack OldhamLast Updated: Insights, News

We’re excited to announce the release of Reveal Campaign, a game-changing timed-based campaign experience that enables brands to maximize consumer engagement by offering daily chances to unlock exclusive content, competitions, giveaways and much more over the lifespan of your campaign.

We believe the flexibility of Reveal offers marketers a truly meaningful and exciting new way to engage brand advocates with fresh content reveals day-by-day. There is no restriction on the number of promotions you can reveal, and there are multiple customizable layouts available for how it can look. Some benefits include:

  • Increase campaign engagement through repeat audience visitation
  • Tell compelling brand stories with daily interactive, unique content reveals
  • Drive consistent data acquisition across multiple digital channels

Take a look at four ways how you could utilize the Reveal campaign activation to drive measurable marketing results for your next campaign experience.

1. Movie Releases

Drive interest and excitement for a up and coming movie release by creating daily film fan exclusives and giveaways.



2. Retail and Holiday Promotions

Weave promotions into seasonal milestones, such as Valentine’s Day and create a sense of urgency for your consumers to plan their purchases.


3. Event Association

Use an extended and custom content calendar to associate your brand with a high-profile event. Exclusive, behind-the-scenes content helps your campaign become the go-to supplementary destination for information about the event.


4. Product Launches

Build awareness and anticipation for a new feature or product release by teasing features to drive sales on release day.


Launch Your own Reveal Campaign

The possibilities to create an array of unique campaign experiences utilizing Reveal Campaign are endless. Wayin customers can take a look at the updated knowledge base within the Wayin platform for more details, which includes a step-by-step guide. Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss activation ideas and strategize campaign delivery. For everyone else, if you’re interested in learning more please contact us for more information.

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