Introducing The Wayin Experience Library

Richard JonesLast Updated: Experience Library, Featured, News

Consumers are bored with video, images and text ads they can’t interact with. It’s clear marketing experiences need to become innovative again, and deliver content consumers actually want to engage with.

That’s why we’re proud to welcome you to the Wayin Experience Library. An ever-growing collection of innovative digital experiences and services that will make it easy and cost effective to create interactive marketing experiences that can be published across any digital touchpoint.


What Can The Wayin Experience Library Do For My Business?

Much of marketing is cyclical. The same cultural moments pop up on the calendar and marketers painstakingly try to reinvent the wheel, wasting valuable time and resource.

Whether the Holidays, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s or World Burger Day, with the Wayin Experience Library, marketers can save and reuse any campaign experience, easily sharing them across their brands, markets and divisions. Here’s 6 reasons why it’s an essential part of the modern days marketers toolkit:

1. Save And Reuse Any Campaign Experience

Don’t waste the intricate design work, punchy copy and the clever concepts of your previous campaigns. Share, tweak and reuse any campaign experience, saving time and resource.


2. A Library of Campaign Ideas

Save all your own campaigns as well as leveraging the Wayin dashboard of successful white-label campaigns that can engage consumers, generate leads and deliver experiences.


3. Guaranteed Results

Some campaigns are more successful than others. Take the guesswork out of campaign strategy by being able to see metrics on every previous campaign and pick those that work.


4. Collaboration Across Teams

Foster collaboration and bring together all your teams across all territories by having a library that can accessed across your entire organization. So the best campaigns can serve as inspiration and be replicated, localized, optimized and rolled-out anywhere.


5. Grow Your Business Without Increasing Costs

Remove the need for expensive and timely ideation and build cycles every time you need to connect with your audience and deliver a campaign. The Wayin Experience Library has an experience for every occasion. It will also expand over time, with every campaign you or your agency partners creating being something you can add to your organization’s global Experience Library.


6. The Most Innovative Campaigns

Our dedicated in-house Services team are constantly looking for new and unique campaign experiences to empower you to connect with your customers. Whether it be meme generators, chatbots or Facebook Live data visualizations, Wayin has you covered.