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Introducing The Wayin Studio

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At Wayin we love giving our clients full autonomy to deliver bespoke and innovative marketing campaigns, but sometimes turning great ideas into flawless results requires a little collaboration. That’s why we decided to launch the Wayin Studio, to help busy teams deliver campaigns from end-to-end, creation to completion.

To dig into the thinking behind this new launch, we sat down with Nate Frick, VP of Services. Here’s his thinking on how the Wayin Studio will take our clients campaigns to the next level.


In a nutshell, what is the Wayin Studio?

The Wayin Studio is our dedicated team of round-the-globe in-house digital experts. Our specialized project managers, designers and developers deliver ROI-driven campaign management and offer guidance at every touchpoint.

We empower our clients to hit their strategic goals by combining Wayin’s repurposable platform with the talents of our team. Our clients have a huge range of goals – everything from data acquisition, to boosting revenue and conversions, to building brand affinity and loyalty. Whatever those goals may be, our team is here to make sure our clients are successful.

We also offer flexibility in terms of how we help our clients, with our solutions ranging from pre-defined packages of our most popular experiences, to custom projects. You can even hire one of our digital experts for guaranteed availability.

We are here to be part of your team, and with dozens of years of combined experience you will be in good hands.


Don’t most businesses have in-house resources that can handle this type of work?

Some do, yes, but over the years we’ve learned that most of our clients still want to work with us because our experienced team has an incredible track record in this space. Additionally, most in-house teams are busy enough with their own day jobs. Some of our best and most innovative campaign solutions have come from collaborations with our client’s in-house teams.


Who do you work with?

We work with brands of all sizes in every industry. Historically we’ve seen our best partnerships driving tangible results in the media, sports, travel & tourism, agency, retail, telecoms, entertainment, CPG, automotive, technology and b2b industries.


You mentioned agencies. Tell us a little more about how that works

Often our agency partners have a vision for their client, and their core strength is in the creative,  but they don’t have the ready-made technology solution to deliver the campaigns they want. That’s where we come in, by combining the best of our platform with custom solutions to match the creative concepts the agency has worked hard to develop.

It helps our customers shift their dollars from non-working to working media that helps drive the lift they are looking for. This efficiency saves the customer a lot of money and really drives better results and value over time, which is good for themselves and the agencies they work with.


What channels can clients publish campaigns to?

Whatever digital channel your own users spend their time engaged with, we can place your brand there, front-and center. We deliver on all owned, earned and paid channels, digitally and onsite.

We’re proud to have a long-standing history of delivering high-end campaigns and visuals on the latest exciting channels. So when new technologies, apps and social networks get traction, our customers can be even more dynamic and drive innovation and engagement.


You mentioned earlier that some of your best campaign apps have come from collaborations with clients. Do you have any examples?

We’re always coming up with lots of great ideas, but yes, so do our amazing customers. Some of our most recent innovations, like the Spotify Playlist, which lets brands and their customers create collaborative playlists based on the answers to a quiz, originated out of conversations with clients looking to do something new to drive engagement and capture audience preferences.


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