Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Uses Hashtag Contest To Stimulate Engagement

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Operated by Delaware North, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has launched a voting-activated hashtag contest within its website. Visitors can get creative and submit their favorite names for the new Mars Rover Concept Vehicle, and have the chance to vote for their favorite in the second stage of the contest.


  • Activate social conversation and maximize campaign exposure using the #NameTheRover hashtag for entry submission
  • Use a lighthearted contest theme to inspire participation and leverage authentic UGC
  • Promote and drive ticket sales for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


This summer marks the celebration of major advances in Mars exploration, meaning there’s new events, shows and special appearances at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. To mark this milestone, and to give followers the chance to get involved in celebrating the summer of Mars, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is asking for a helping hand in naming the new Mars Rover Concept Vehicle. What’s more, the contest makes the perfect accompaniment to a host of other content, facts and activities featured on the webpage.


The first stage of the contest requires followers to get creative and submit the name they think would best suit the vehicle. Participants can get involved by submitting their suggestions through Instagram using the hashtag #NameTheRover, or through Twitter using the hashtag and @ExploreSpaceKSC. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex can then easily filter through and publish the best entries, and any other inspirational social conversation to the embedded social hub. From this, visitors can share their favorite entries to Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, in turn maximizing campaign awareness.


To drive further online interaction, after a five week submission period, guests are able to go back and vote for their favorite Mars Rover Concept Vehicle name out of the shortlisted five in return for the chance to win some fantastic prizes.


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