Kiwibank Achieves 75% Conversion Rate With Interactive Product Quiz

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For almost two decades Kiwibank has been revolutionizing the New Zealand banking sector by delivering best-in-class service, as well lower fees and competitive business rates. Boasting a customer base of over 20% of the entire population of New Zealand, Kiwibank wanted to get to know their customers even better to truly personalize offers and build lasting relationships.

To achieve this; with a helping hand from Wayin; Kiwibank launched the ‘Meet Your Money Self’ interactive quiz that profiled consumers’ spending habits in return for personalized advice.


      • Deliver personalized product and service recommendations
      • Boost brand affinity with millennial consumers
      • Collect large amounts of actionable zero-party data


A name and an email address is great in the CRM, but it’s zero-party data that will fuel future product sales and help you truly personalize your marketing efforts.

The Kiwibank ‘Meet Your Money Self’ interactive quiz offered 10 spending habit related questions that profiled customers in return for personalized financial advice and product recommendations. The quiz was housed on its main website, and to drive the desired demographic of millennial spenders and savers to it, it delivered a campaign of targeted Facebook and Google Double Click ads.

Upon entering the quiz, participants were served with various profiling questions in return for their spending profile, whether that be ‘Power Spender’, ‘Security Saver’, ‘Freedom Seeker’ or ‘Sociable Sharer’ with some light rationale for the why.



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