Lenny & Larry’s Entices Website Engagement With Entertaining Personality Quiz

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To drive website engagement and provide some lighthearted entertainment for its audience, protein cookie company, Lenny & Larry’s has published a fun personality quiz to its website. On completion of the quiz, participants are provided with a description of the delicious cookie flavor that most suits their personality based on their quiz results.


      • Drive and perpetuate website engagement via a fun, shareable experience
      • Provide cookie recommendations based on quiz results to boost sales
      • Maximize campaign awareness and drive entries using social sharing actions


From ‘Coconut Choc Chip’, to its brand new flavor ‘White Chocolaty Razz’, for those wanting to discover which protein-filled cookie matches their personality, Lenny & Larry’s has just the thing. To understand a little more about its followers’ preferences, and to boost website engagement, Lenny & Larry’s has launched an interactive quiz, titled ‘What’s Your Cookie Personality?’.

Whether it be Valentine’s Day plans, or discussing dream pet companions, the quiz takes participants through eight fun-filled personality questions to discover their interests and hobbies. Upon completion of the quiz, participants are required to submit their year of birth and their gender before receiving their cookie flavor based on their personality. Perhaps they are comforting and love spending time alone just like its best selling cookie; the ‘Snickerdoodle’, or have more lively qualities and are the life of the party, just like its festive ‘Birthday Cake’ flavor, the results are bound to put smiles on participants’ faces.

To maximize campaign reach, Lenny & Larry’s is also encouraging participants to share their results with their friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using social share buttons.

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