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Industry-leading brands use Wayin to produce eye-catching, engaging campaigns that collect huge amounts of declared data and rich audience insights. Wayin’s platform drives economies of scale by making it easy to deploy more campaigns more often, saving time and money by reaching your desired audiences where they are, when you want. In other words, the more the platform is used, the greater the bottom-line benefit.

BowTech Inc

One company driving real business value via Wayin is Bowtech Archery. Bowtech dedicates one full-time employee to focus solely on launching experiences from the Wayin platform. They have launched 120 experiences in the last year, resulting in dramatically increased ROI and significant costs savings, including allowing them to drop an $80,000 market research contract due to the direct and measurable data obtained through Wayin-powered campaign participation. Concentrating on delivering interactive experiences that gather detailed insights into their customer’s motivations, interests, location and intentions, they have been able to create over 400+ hyper targeted segments that they market to, which has delivered sales that outperform the industry by 20%.

Now, imagine this level of attention on the growth of YOUR business. While you may not have the in-house bandwidth or familiarity to realize this value, the Wayin Studio team does. Our global staff of marketers, creative strategists and technologists have delivered hundreds of high-impact campaigns for our clients. Retain a full or part-time equivalent Studio employee to launch frequent campaigns, and see similar platform expertise, value and cost-savings as realized by Bowtech.

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Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser has retained the Wayin Studio team to launch frequent campaigns to support its global portfolio of health, hygiene and home brands. Recently a need arose to create an experience for its Finish brand in support World Water Day. The country of focus was Brazil, and as part of the retainer, the Wayin team was able to quickly mobilize on this request and deliver a compelling campaign, in Portuguese, with custom functionality, in a matter of days.

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