Leveraging interactive Experiences Across the Customer Lifecycl

Leveraging Interactive Digital Experiences Across The Customer Lifecycle

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The customer lifecycle used to be rather straightforward. Prospects would bob along the funnel in a linear fashion from need to purchase, to retention or repeat purchase. Each department would have its defined roles and contributions to make in order to turn once oblivious prospects into brand loyal customers. Alas, all this has changed.

Digital ads no longer click with consumers. GDPR has put an end to prospect email blasts and the Cambridge Analytica scandal has rung in a new age of privacy. Consumers are more scrupulous than ever when it comes to handing over their personal data. And empowered by free ad blocking technology and comprehensive privacy rights.

In light of this, there’s a need to re-evaluate the customer lifecycle and how internal teams disseminate marketing messages, load the CRM with high-quality first-party data, personalize digital campaigns, and turn prospects into not just loyal customers but online advocates too.

Business analysts Forrester predict $2.9bn spend shifted from ads to branded experiences by 2020

Brands need to re-think engagement, and connect directly with consumers using interactive digital experiences intentionally designed to support the customer lifecycle.

For marketers who have relied on unreliable third-party data sets, this is quite a tumultuous time. However, it needn’t be for proactive marketers or those ready for change who are truly focused on delivering excellent personalized interactive digital experiences and driving first-party data acquisition.

A Step-By-Step Method For Leveraging Interactive Digital Experiences Across The Customer Lifecycle


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This is where your relationship with your customer begins and where they first become aware of your existence as a brand, service, or product. Merely a few months ago this meant firing out copious amounts of shouty digital ads, but brands are beginning to move away from interruptions to experiences. Customized questionnaires, sweepstakes, interactive Social Stories and influencer marketing can help you get in front of the right sets of eyeballs and create a winning first impression.

Consumers are exposed to an average of 362 marketing messages a day


Once you’re on your prospects radar, it’s time to initiate direct contact. Your goal here is to turn a name and email address into rich audience insights and qualified leads that you can sell your products or services to. Interactive quizzes that offer a value exchange for carefully profiling prospects and personalization campaigns to help prospects select the right product can lead you on the path from consideration to sale.

92% of marketers believe using first-party data is critical to their growth


Here is where you win a sale and where a well-nurtured prospect becomes a paying customer. Nothing’s a done deal yet of course, so to avoid abandonment, sell the brand and the relationship, not just the product. Product trials through interactive campaign hubs can help you build trust and blending owned and earned content can remove any buyer hesitancy to seal a deal.

25% better conversion rate for earned content on owned channels than glossy product shots


When you’ve worked so hard to attain a customer it’s now essential to keep hold of them, but for all too many organizations, building a sound customer retention strategy is much lower down the pecking order than attracting new business. Employing effective interactive strategies, from digital corporate responsibility initiatives or making live events truly interactive through UGC-powered social walls will deliver a better customer experience and improve your chances no end.

Up to 95% increase in profits by increasing customer retention by 5%


You can have the perfect product, a slick website and a quirky social media presence but none of these will entirely remove that pang of buyer scepticism. Social proof can oftentimes be the silver bullet, and that’s where the power of user-generated content comes in – replacing the faux endorsements and glossy product shots with snaps from real customers and reviews from real people.

84% of millennials say user-generated content has influenced what they buy


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