Agency of the future

Live Webinar: Disrupting The Agency of the Future

Francesca Heath Webinar

Agencies are in the throes of technology-driven operational changes and restructuring for a client-centric future in which there will be many more competitors from outside the agency world.

Join Richard Jones and his two guest speakers, Craig Hepburn, Global VP of Digital at TATA Communications and Andy Jacobs, Digital Agency Veteran for a live webinar on the 3rd May where you will learn about the most disruptive technology to impact the ‘Agency of the Future’ and how it can be harnessed to displace competitors, strengthen client retention and open up new compensation models.

Webinar Details:

Date: Wednesday 3rd May

Time: 9.30am MT / 11.30am EDT / 4.30PM BST

Learn how to:

  • Deploy an App Store model for your agency and your clients, saving all your creativity and digital experience builds into bundles of services you can re-sell and reuse
  • Get smarter with data by capturing vast quantities of first party data on behalf of your clients to feed into your segmentation strategies, powering your clients journey from being data poor to data rich
  • Be at the forefront of technology changes in the evolution of the ad unit, as companies move from Facebook dominated static video ads to interactive ad units across a plethora of channels such as Snap, Shazam and Google
  • Gain so much stored value at your clients, through building out a framework of reusable digital experiences, services and campaigns, that they cannot move agencies without huge operational loss


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