How Mail Online Deploys Micro-Surveys Into Interactive Ad Units

Georgia ScottLast Updated: Media & Publishing

In a first for Wayin, Mail Online created a series of micro-surveys which are being deployed directly into ad units within their website.

Marketing Objectives

  • Understand consumer preferences in real time
  • Utilize ad units for items other than brand promotions
  • Identify key trends within highly engaging posts

The Challenge

In the past Mail Online struggled to identify their audience engagement levels with particular pieces of content. They were unable to find out target market opinions, thoughts and general reflection on articles without using manual, difficult processes. As such, they came together with Wayin to design a real-time approach to obtaining feedback from readers.

The Idea

Mail Online writes a multitude of content pieces weekly, and therefore wanted to understand what viewers believed was engaging and beneficial within each piece.

They created micro-surveys within the ad-element of their website, asking 2 or 3 short questions about different content pieces to identify whether followers remember and engage with the piece. The surveys were styled in-line with their current content, to ensure they fit seamlessly with the current image presented by the brand.

Marketing Micro-Surveys Into Interactive Ad Units - Media Owners

The Benefits

The campaign allows businesses to learn about their readership in real time and identify key trends with the most memorable posts. In addition, for particular content pieces Mail Online can begin to understand shopper preferences, allowing firms to target their audiences more effectively in the future.

Mail Online Deploys Micro-Surveys Into Interactive Ad Units

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