Marriott Hawaii Provides Personalized Recommendations Using Personality Quiz

Jessica Williams Travel, Travel & Tourism

To drive online engagement and promote exclusive resorts in Waikiki, Marriott Hawaii hosted a stunning personality quiz on its website. Participants were taken through a selection of engaging vacation-related questions to discover what their preferences and interests were, and on completion of the quiz were presented with a Waikiki resort tailored to their quiz results.


      • Increase brand awareness surrounding Waikiki properties
      • Gain a deeper understanding about its audience’s vacation preferences
      • Collect zero-party data that Marriott Hawaii could use to segment its audience and use for personalized retargeting


Finding the perfect resort can be a difficult, not to mention time-consuming task. To lend a helping hand, Marriott Hawaii launched a beautifully eye-catching personality quiz that took users through a journey of five interactive questions, where they could select their travel preferences.

From learning which spirit animal participants identify most with, to understanding what it is that vacationists look forward to most when traveling, the quiz offered a series of personality-based questions to discover what resort best suited their travel and lifestyle preferences. To confirm their entry, participants could also submit their name and email address within the form provided to receive their results.

Marriott Hawaii could utilize this data to profile its customers; providing participants with a video and additional information surrounding the specific destination chosen for them based on their choices. To inspire bookings, users were also provided with special discounts and rates, and could book their recommended resort using the call-to-actions provided.

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