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How McDonald’s Engages New Audiences With TV Partnership and Video Contest

Georgia ScottLast Updated: Broadcast Media

McDonald’s partnered with Sunrise on Yahoo!7, utilizing a fun video contest to highlight the influence of sport on children in the lead-up to the 2016 Olympic games.

Marketing Objectives

  • Allow kids from Australia aged 8 to 12 years old to experience athletic events and meet athletes
  • Celebrate McDonald’s proud sponsorship of the Olympic Games
  • Utilize Yahoo!7s audience base and broadcast opportunities for the Australian market
  • Leverage universal hashtag for cross-channel marketing across 18 markets
  • Encourage parents to create and share inspiring video user-generated content
  • Showcase that friendship and world unity are at the heart of the Olympic spirit

Hashtag Video Solution

McDonald’s became an official sponsor of the Olympic Games in 1976, and as part of its ongoing commitment to children’s well-being, the company is once again promoting its Champions of Play initiative, which aims to bring together children from around the world across 18 participating markets.

With help from Wayin, Sunrise joined together with McDonald’s to give five lucky kids from Australia the chance to represent their country by winning a trip to Rio, Brazil for the Opening Ceremony at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games valued at $18,072 each.

To get involved, parents or guardians must create a video showing what ‘friendship’ in sport means to their child and then upload the video via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FriendsWin and tagging @sunriseon7 to ensure they are pulled into the social hub.

Yahoo!7 is displaying a dedicated video gallery on the Sunrise website to help inspire entries and illustrate what friendship in sport means to other children. To incentivize further competition engagement and drive awareness, all posts have social-sharing functionality.

To maximize exposure across the Australian market, the campaign is also being promoted through a 30-second competition TV commercial running across Seven Network and promoted within the Sunrise program, as well as the McDonald’s website and YouTube page

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