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Media Owners: 5 Proven Marketing Tactics That Drive Digital Revenue

Jack OldhamLast Updated: Broadcast Media, Media & Publishing

The rise in online consumption has shaped the media and publishing industry we experience today. Consumers demand high-quality free content at the click of a button.

This expectation, contrasted with rampant ad-blocking, declining print circulations, citizen journalism and content on social channels, means pressure is building for the industry to skill-up. To rub salts in the wounds, research suggests by 2020 ad blockers will cost publishers over $27 billion.

Therefore, as consumer trends change, traditional business models limber and lose out on new digital revenue streams.


Media owners need to ensure they expand the range of commercial products they offer advertisers across their digital channels. Products which effectively expand their media portfolio, enable them to capture profiled audience data and optimize revenue, without relying on traditional advertising formats. In fact, 25% of a media company’s digital revenues can be driven through sponsored campaign experiences.

With this in mind, download our white paper to discover how media owners and publishers are applying these five strategies to stay one step ahead in an ever-evolving industry:

  1. Commercial: Drive additional advertising revenue
  2. Creative: Inspire fans to create personalized memes
  3. Data: Capture huge amounts of data
  4. Editorial: Increase impressions with interactive content
  5. Social: Engage brand advocates across social

Media Owners Drive Digital Revenues

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5 Proven Marketing Tactics That Drive Digital Revenue

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