Metro book review marketing campaign

How Metro Uses Book Review Campaign To Engage Offline and Online Readers

Georgia Scott Media & Publishing, Ratings and Reviews

To stimulate monthly brand engagement, Metro Newspaper recently launched an evergreen ‘Book Chat’ campaign, asking readers to review three books on a dedicated website.

Marketing Objectives

  • Drive monthly engagement online
  • Utilize promotion in newspaper to activate offline readership
  • Create a successful PR piece
  • Capture audience data and opinions from book reviews

Monthly Book Review Solution

Metro released their latest in-house campaign ‘Book Chat’ as an editorial-driven activity. The marketing campaign is promoted each month within the daily newspaper, on a dedicated full page spread. The newspaper is aiming to build a loyal base of engaged offline and online readers who have an interest in books.

To ensure everyone has a say, newly engaged audiences can read all existing book reviews and even submit reviews from up to two month’s of being live on the site. To incentivize reviews, those taking part have the chance to win vouchers, giving them even more reason to engage in the campaign.

Upon entry, followers must input personal details, allowing Metro to collect valuable audience data. In addition, the newspaper is able to identify users that frequently engage with the review system, and thus have the potential to become brand advocates in the future.


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