Metro Celebrates Exciting Life Moments With Data-Centric Sponsored Campaign Hub

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Metro has partnered with Vitality Life Insurance to celebrate their followers’ big, exciting life moments. From recent proposals and weddings, graduating from University, or completing a marathon, Metro wants to hear all of its readers celebratory milestone moments in its social hub published to its website.


  • Capture rich audience data and marketing opt-ins for Metro and its partners
  • Inspire and showcase authentic user-generated content
  • Drive social sharing to maximize campaign awareness
  • Use sponsorship to increase campaign reach and drive further entries


Using Wayin, Metro has published a social hub to its ‘competitions’ section within its website. To maximize ease of entry, participants can enter their life moment directly through the social hub on the form provided. Participants are required to submit their photo and caption, together with their name, email address and phone number, and have the option to ‘opt-in’ to receive future marketing communications from Metro and its partners.

Metro Radio can then review and publish all celebratory entries submitted so far to its social gallery, putting a smile on the faces of those who visit the website. Readers also have the option to share their favorite entries to Twitter and Facebook, in turn maximizing campaign awareness.


As an incentive for participation, not only is Metro giving readers the chance to bag themselves a £20 voucher, but they’re even publishing a selection of the best entries to its Metro Newspaper to showcase authentic user-generated content produced by its readers, giving participants every reason to get involved!

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