Muji Increases Social Organic Reach From UGC Product Marketing Campaign

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As a way of promoting MUJI pens, Japanese retailer, MUJI, encouraged creativity amongst social consumers by launching a pen art photo contest across Instagram and Twitter. The UGC product marketing campaign drove more than 2,500 submissions, generating social reach and authentic brand content for MUJI marketing.


  • Promote the MUJI pens product range in a creative way across multiple markets
  • Utilize hashtag to inspire creatives to create and share UGC on Instagram
  • Drive campaign hashtag social voting and conversation across Twitter
  • Repurpose winning creations on MUJI PEN website and as the main image for in-store displays


Muji Japan delivered an inspiring, creative, and truly engaging photo contest for their customers and social followers to get involved with. The two activation stages, including the chance for participants to post their artistic drawings to Instagram using the hashtag #MujiPenArt, or simply enabling visitors to vote for their favorite across Twitter, ensured that the contest appealed to a wide target audience.

To incentivize participation, MUJI gave entrants the chance to win one of three awards and prizes up for grabs. With over 3,000 unique drawings created from Muji Pen customer’s uploaded to Instagram using the hashtag #MujiPenArt, the campaign certainly proved to be successful in driving product engagement among brand advocates. The Wayin platform helped MUJI to discover just how many MUJI pen users doodled pictures and posted them to social in their free time. By pinpointing these people, interacting with them, and providing them with a place to show their artwork, MUJI proved the campaign’s success without using any ads or paid media to advertise the campaign.

The final stage of the UGC photo contest enabled visitors of the campaign page to select a category of their choice, where a selection of related entries appear within the social hub.

UGC Product Marketing Campaign: #MUJIPENART

The usability of the Wayin voting platform, paired with the flexibility and attractiveness of the Wayin visualization, enabled participants voting to be able to select their favorite entry, and send the pre-set tweet together with the #MujiPenArt hashtag to confirm their vote. This activity generated over 3,100 votes across Twitter and ensured that the hashtag was continuously utilized to increase campaign engagement and organic reach.

Muji will be announcing the competition winners soon, and we can’t wait to see how they present the winning UGC selections in-store and in future marketing campaigns.


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