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Meet us at Mumbrella360 – Australia’s Biggest Media & Marketing Conference

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Australia’s biggest media and marketing conference, Mumbrella360 is taking place this week and our team are going to be there in full force. The event which is attended by nearly 2,500 senior executives will see marketing leaders from Microsoft, Buzzfeed, Google, PwC, ANZ, Visa, Optus, QBE, TAL and many more covering the need-to-know topics for the year ahead.

With some many awesome sessions taking place over the three days, we have picked out our top 5.

How Australia Compares to the World’s Most Effective Campaigns

Join Warc’s APAC MD Ed Pank as he lifts the lid of the top 100 case studies from around the world and reveals how these stack up compared to the best campaigns from Australia.

The WARC 100 is a benchmark for commercial creativity and advertising effectiveness, allowing marketers to compare their performance with their peers. Each year, the study tracks the results from 2,000 winning entries from over 80 effectiveness and strategy competitions to identify the top 100 from around the World.

The presentation will not only uncover the key trends from this body of work but will also deep dive into various data sets to uncover and compare the smartest creative and channel strategies from Australia and beyond.

Wednesday 12th
Main Stage

Meaningful Connections: Building Customer Love with 18 – 35 Year Olds 

Marketing and product are no longer separable. Sharing evidence of observed consumer behavior, this session looks at the way companies need to evolve their approach to create meaningful connections with the new profit drivers – 18-35 year olds.

Expert panel members will specifically look at the need for product and marketing to work closer together, taking a whole customer view and the subsequent evolution of metrics that need to be monitored when it comes to appealing to this demographic.

Wednesday 12th
Tribal stage

Pacific: Next Generation – Unlocking the Value of Data to Drive Business Growth

Pacific is an active contributor to Australian cultural life. The net effect of that influence, and the 360 connection their trusted brands have with people, has not changed. What has, is their re-imagined approach to consumer data and insights, radically evolving a client’s ability to better understand, connect and change the behavior of these audiences to drive their business growth.

This new approach, Seventh Sense, collects, collates and curates the social, location and transactional data of over 9.6M Australians and humanizes this deterministic data into actionable insights.

Pacific’s improved audience intelligence and content marketing offering puts the right message in front of the right person at the relevant point on their consumer journey to drive purchase.

Wednesday 12th
Fronts stage

Advertising Has Lost the Plot. So What Are We Going to Do Now?

Advertising has lost the plot. So what are we going to do now?

In this session, UM Melbourne’s Eaon Pritchard will explore perhaps the biggest issue in advertising today. We appear to have hit some kind of Dunning-Kruger Peak and have forgotten what advertising is for, and how it works.

We are incompetents who can’t know we are incompetent because the very skills we need to produce the right answers are exactly the skills we lack in order to even know what a right answer is.

Pritchard will use his new book, ‘Where Did it All Go Wrong?’, as a backbone to the session, not only outing the issue but explaining its complexities on a wide variety of levels using philosophy, evolutionary psychology and punk rock to illustrate.

He’ll challenge the industry in ways it’s rarely challenged, explore the issues by going down roads that are perhaps less travelled and then point the way to areas of enquiry that can bring us back from the brink and re-establish advertising’s role in the culture

Thursday 13th
Leadership Stage

Drowning in Data? Grab Your CX Lifejacket…

Smart businesses are collecting massive amounts of data every day through multiple channels and touchpoints. However, having the tech and the data alone doesn’t transform or optimize the customer experience. Marketers are under pressure to make sense of the insights and engage customers with the right message, offer, product and experience all at the right time.

It’s important to focus on why you are collecting the data, how you use it, leverage it and interpret it.

In this jargon-free panel discussion we’ll hear from industry leaders on how they have leveraged technology and created insights from vast amounts of data, allowing them to optimize the customer experience and form more valuable relationships.

We’ll address long-standing questions including:

  • How to leverage the customer and technology touchpoints by mapping the relevant ecosystems
  • How to ensure you have the right technology and that it is being optimized to support the business
  • How to design a successful segmentation strategy that enables emotional connections with customers
  • What data is useful and how to actually use it
  • How to use data insights to drive omni-channel CX in a world of online marketplace brands
  • How to use data to drive business insight over mere reporting

Thursday 13th
Data Stage

To see a full list of the event sessions, check out the event website and don’t forget to pop by the exhibiting floor and say hello to the team!

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