National Geographic Influences Expedition Bookings Using Educational Category Quiz

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To boost website engagement and drive expedition bookings amongst the South Pacific, National Geographic has published a ten-question category quiz to its ‘Expeditions’ website, where participants can receive a selection of recommended trips after completing the quiz.


  • Provide trip recommendations to drive bookings through National Geographic Expedition
  • Boost engagement and interaction amongst website visitors
  • Promote the South Pacific as a tourist destination


With absolutely stunning crystal clear waters and luscious green surroundings, it’s no wonder the South Pacific Islands are on most people’s bucket lists of places to visit. To showcase its true beauty and historic background, National Geographic Expedition has created an educational ‘Geo’ quiz. Known for its award-winning photography, scientific exploration and world-wide knowledge, National Geographic is now putting its reader’s geographic knowledge to the test.


Published to the National Geographic Expedition website, the category quiz features ten questions surrounding interesting facts about the South Pacific’s unique history, designed to boost engagement and drive interaction amongst website visitors. Participants are informed of each correct answer as they progress throughout the quiz, and have access to find ‘hints’ for several questions, where they are directed to expedition itinerary pages to browse for clues.

Upon completion of the quiz, National Geographic Expedition provides participants with their quiz result, together with a selection of recommended trip ideas with call-to-actions linking to itinerary pages on the website. From the quiz, visitors are directed to find more information surrounding these trips, in turn driving expedition bookings through the website.




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