National Geographic Expeditions Promotes Social Sharing Using Animal Personality Quiz

Jessica Williams Media & Publishing, Travel & Tourism

To boost online engagement amongst website visitors and animal lovers, and to promote trip itineraries offered across the globe, National Geographic Expeditions has launched a shareable personality quiz. On completion of the quiz, participants are provided with fun information surrounding their spirit animal based on their personality, as well as a recommended a trip itinerary based on their results.


    • Boost interaction and engagement amongst website visitors
    • Provide recommended trip itineraries to drive bookings through National Geographic Expeditions
    • Drive social sharing across Twitter and Facebook to maximize campaign reach


Whether National Geographic readers see themselves as laid-back as a sloth, or perhaps they’re more of pack leader, National Geographic Expeditions is bringing together animals from across the globe in its newly launched personality quiz published to its website.

In order to discover their spirit animal, and to find out more details on where in the world they can meet their wild match, participants are taken through 10 unique personality-related questions. From understanding more about how they would spend their lottery winnings, to simply confirming their star sign, each question provides National Geographic Expeditions with detailed information to pair them up with their spirit animal.

On completion of the quiz, participants are presented with information surrounding their spirit animal based on similarities within their quiz responses. For more information on where visitors can meet their wild match, and to drive traffic to other informative web pages on its website, National Geographic Expeditions has also included trip itinerary call to actions on where they can find their elusive spirit animal. What’s more, to maximize campaign reach and drive further entries, social sharing actions have also been included to share results through Twitter and Facebook.

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