National Geographic Kids Creates Fun Sweepstakes To Align With Teddy Grahams’ Launch

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To coincide with its promotional campaign for the all new Teddy Grahams Outdoor Discoveries, National Geographic Kids published a colorful ‘Discover Your World’ sweepstakes to its website. To incentivize participation and capture valuable first-party data, National Geographic has teamed up with Teddy Grahams to give participants the exciting chance to win an 8-day family expedition to U.S. National Parks!


    • Capture valuable first-party audience data and marketing opt-ins for re-targeting
    • Align with the promotion of Teddy Grahams’ new Outdoor Discoveries kids snacks
    • Maximize campaign exposure and build brand awareness both in-store and online


As Teddy Grahams introduces its new Outdoor Discoveries kids snacks, National Geographic Kids has published a fun sweepstakes to its website, titled ‘Discover Your World’ to coincide with the new launch. Promoted in-store on the product packaging, and published to National Geographic’s website, the sweepstakes makes the perfect way to engage with parents and capture valuable first-party audience data.

Upon entry of the sweepstakes, participants are required to submit a few personal details into the form, including their name, email address and phone number. Entrants can also opt-in to keep informed of any updates and news from National Geographic, providing valuable data that can be used for retargeting in future marketing communications. To incentivize participation and to maximize the number of entries, National Geographic is teaming up with Teddy Grahams Outdoor Discoveries to give families the chance to win an incredible 8-day family expedition to U.S. National Parks! The lucky winner and their family will get to stay in historic park lodges and take part in various experiences and activities geared for explorers of all ages.

To increase traffic and dwell time amongst its other webpages, National Geographic is also promoting relevant content at the bottom of the campaign page for parents to check out. From learning how the outdoors can teach their kids vital life skills, to educating kids about climate change, visitors can click on the ‘Learn More’ call-to-action button for more information.

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