National Geographic Uses Data-Centric Sweepstakes To Engage Adventurers

Jessica Williams Media & Publishing, Travel & Tourism

To capture rich and valuable audience data, National Geographic has partnered with Jordan Tourism Board N.A., involving adventure lovers in its ‘The Journey To Jordan’ sweepstakes in return for the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip to Jordan for two.


  • Capture rich audience data and marketing opt-ins for future promotions
  • Promote Jordan as a location hotspot to incentivize tourism
  • Use collaboration to maximize campaign awareness and increase audience reach


Known for its world-renowned heritage, stunning nature reserves, and mouth-watering cuisines, Jordan makes the perfect tourist destination for any adventure-goer. To promote Jordan as the ultimate vacation destination, National Geographic has teamed up with Jordan Tourism Board N.A. to launch a sweepstakes, giving participants the chance to win an incredible trip to Jordan for two. The prize package not only includes 6-nights hotel accommodation, but also round-trip air travel, transportation between destinations, as well as various activities to help the lucky winner and their chosen guest get the most out of their stay in Jordan.

NL24_NationalGeographic_InTextIn order for National Geographic to capture rich audience data, participants are required to complete the embedded form within the campaign page. Upon entry, participants must submit their contact details and other personal details, including their date of birth, phone number, email address and home address. Before confirming their entry, participants can also opt-in to receive the latest updates for upcoming products and services from National Geographic, as well as reminders about events in their nearby area.


To accompany the form, and to further promote Jordan as a location hotspot, National Geographic has included other informative content including facts about the history of Jordan, its mouth-watering famous cuisine, and the fun that comes with visiting this Middle Eastern destination (did you know that Jordan offers 8 months of guaranteed sunshine throughout the year?). The campaign page also includes a call-to-action to ‘explore more now’, where website visitors are directed to discover even more about what Jordan has to offer.


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