Nectar Challenges Cardholders In Christmas Campaign Using API Integration

Jessica Williams Retail

As we get ready and prepare for the holiday season, Nectar used Cheetah Experiences to create a seasonal campaign during the countdown to Christmas*. Using custom API integration, Nectar is setting a challenge to its cardholders to reach their points target, where they can track their progress throughout the coming weeks using a unique mapping process.

*You must be a Nectar cardholder to access the live campaign

Campaign Objectives:

  • Encourage cardholders to build their Nectar points with special offer incentives
  • Create a personalized experience for each customer using API integration
  • Drive loyalty amongst cardholders around the holiday season

Christmas Campaign Solution

With Christmas just around the corner, and the excitement quickly starting to build, Nectar has set a challenge for its cardholders in its latest Christmas count up loyalty campaign. After setting themselves a target of the number of points they believe they can collect during the build up to Christmas, cardholders can track their progress using Nectar’s unique mapping tracker built using API integration.

Cardholders can log in to their personal Nectar account to track their progress, check their recent card activity and see how far they are from hitting their goal. Using Cheetah Experiences’ custom ability to integrate with the Nectar API, cardholders can log in to their unique account to be automatically presented with their live points total and mapping graph.

Once cardholders have reached their points target, Nectar is releasing special offers and promotions as a reward for their loyalty. Nectar is also continuously capitalizing on the holiday season by promoting tailored, seasonal offers within each account, as well as hints and tips for ways to boost their points.

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