Nectar Launches Zero-Party Data Survey To Drive Personalized Marketing

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Retail

As the vacation season approaches, Nectar has published a data-centric survey to its website; asking cardholders and customers to answer a short survey surrounding their travel plans for the rest of the year, in return for personalized travel offers from its partners, and the exciting chance to win 25,000 Nectar points!


      • Boost loyalty and build a direct relationship with consumers
      • Improve personalization around marketing communications for travel services, offers and product recommendations
      • Capture zero-party data to integrate within its CRM database


As the sun begins to make an appearance, many of us start to search for the best travel offers around, and are on the hunt for the perfect vacation destination. To take the guesswork out of understanding its consumers’ travel intentions, Nectar has published a short survey consisting of six travel-related questions.

Whether Australia is on the cards, or a vacation making the most of the UK sun, Nectar is asking consumers which month they intend to go away, what best describes the next vacation they plan to take, who they plan to go with, and what modes of transportation they plan on taking to get there. After submitting the survey, participants can head directly over to Nectar’s travel site to learn more surrounding its partners’ offers.

To incentivize participation and maximize the number of entries, Nectar is also offering participants the chance to win 25,000 Nectar points upon entering.

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