Nectar Uses Weekly Prize Incentives To Drive And Track Interaction Amongst Consumers

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In alignment with its home and living partner offers, Nectar is driving and tracking interaction amongst its most loyal card holders by encouraging its customers to answer simple household related questions in return for the chance to win 50,000 Nectar points each and every week for 5 continuous weeks.


  • Understand the behavior and level of online interaction amongst consumers with Nectar
  • Use weekly prize giveaways to reward loyal customers and drive repeat website visitation
  • Provide customers with an engaging and interactive online digital experience


To engage consumers and to celebrate its generous Autumn home & living offers, Nectar is hosting a weekly sweepstakes on its website, titled ‘Guess The Household Goods’. Each week, Nectar cardholders can get involved and answer the household product related question provided in return for the chance to win an incredible 50,000 Nectar points.

To access the sweepstakes, cardholders must first log in by submitting their Nectar card number and password. Participants then have access to the campaign, where they can guess that week’s household item out of the 3 options provided. After selecting their answer, participants can then submit their email address and Nectar card number in return for the chance to win. What’s more, to incentivize further participation, customers can enter every single week to maximize their chances of winning.

The campaign enables Nectar to dive deeper into understanding the behavior and level of online interaction between its cardholders and the brand, and acts as valuable data for future targeting and marketing promotions.

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