NHL Fan Choice Awards Accrues 850k Votes Within First Week Of Launch

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Following the success from last year’s Fan Choice Awards, NHL has launched the second year of its voting activation, which celebrates the best of the best on hockey social media. This year’s awards campaign hosts 20 unique categories, where fans can vote for their favorite social content within each poll.


      • Drive data acquisition and marketing opt-ins to build NHL’s CRM database
      • Provoke online engagement amongst NHL fans across all 31 markets using relevant social content
      • Trigger social conversation and maximize campaign reach using the dedicated campaign hashtag #NHLFanChoice


NHL players are renowned for regularly keeping fans posted with entertaining and relevant social content. To capitalize on the masses of content fans are exposed to, NHL is hosting the second year of its #NHLFanChoice Awards voting campaign, where hilarious posts from NHL players were featured across 20 unique categories (that’s double the amount from last year!).

From the award for best hockey smile, top hidden talent or best #HockeyTwitter moment, the campaign is jam-packed with entertaining video content, comical tweets and amusing photos to capture the humor and unique personalities of numerous NHL players and their fans. Participants can work their way through each category they wish to vote in, and select their favorite of the four social posts embedded.

To remind participants to submit their votes, NHL has included a ‘Finalize Votes’ call to action throughout each stage of the campaign, where users are directed to an optional form to complete should they wish to receive the latest marketing communications and exclusive offers from NHL. So far, after just one week of the activation being live, the awards has seen over 850k votes, and 16k email address opt-ins to sync to its CRM database.

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