NHL Calgary Flames Captures Community Kindness Using A Live Collage Activation

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Sports

As part of its ‘Be The Reason This Season’ campaign, the Calgary Flames Foundation has published a live collage activation to its website to capture the kind and generous actions carried out by the community.


  • Feature dynamic content to engage and captivate website visitors
  • Empower and inspire fans to spread kindness and generosity in their community
  • Use the dedicated campaign hashtag #BeTheReason to capture content and drive participation


As the new year commences, it makes the perfect chance to kick-start the year by spreading kindness to others around us. The Calgary Flames Foundation is setting a great example by granting wishes for six incredible families and individuals, and they’re encouraging their fans to follow their kind spirit. To capture these unforgettable, heartwarming moments, the Calgary Flames has embedded a live collage social hub to its website.

No matter how big or small the deed, fans are being asked to share any acts of kindness they have carried out, witnessed or received to social media using the dedicated campaign hashtag #BeTheReason. Whether it be volunteering to help the elderly, donating to charity, or simply helping someone carry their shopping, every small act goes a long way and the Flames are eager to hear about it.

To captivate and engage website visitors and fans, the Calgary Flames are publishing submissions to a dynamic live collage, where content is continuously updated and cycled. And to accompany this heartwarming UGC, the Flames have posted inspiring stories of each family whose wishes have been granted to the webpage.

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